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APS SYNC (Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch)  from TNVC and Unity Tactical is a complete one point command and control system for all weapon-mounted electronics.  It provides low profile, dual-device control for lights and lasers.  TAPS SYNC allows placement of weapon accessories in optimal location while providing a single point of actuation of the operator’s choosing.  Rather than needing to place both light and laser where they can be activated directly, or needing to find places for multiple remote pressure pads while securing loose cables, TAPS literally places control at the operator’s fingertips in a single, user-friendly package.

The TAPS SYNC adds new functionality to the TAPS design, adding one of the most-requested features to the TAPS–simultaneous device activation, allowing both the light and laser to be activated by a single button (the other button will still activate one device separately)

The TAPS SYNC comes in 4 variants for customers to choose which configuration best suits their chosen light/laser combo, and is compatible with devices using the Crane-style connector (L3Harris ATPIAL, B. E. Meyers MAWL, Steiner DBAL, etc.) and Surefire-style lead for Surefire weaponlights.


  • Variant 1 – Front Button (furthest from leads): Light-only; Rear Button: Light + Laser
  • Variant 2 – Front Button: Laser-only; Rear Button: Light + Laser
  • Variant 3 – Front Button: Light + Laser; Rear Button: Light-only
  • Variant 4 – Front Button: Light + Laser; Rear Button: Laser-only

All variants come in Black and FDE.


The Surefire-type plug features a angled strain relief to point the cable back towards the rail, reducing snag hazard and cable damage. The NGAL plug is is a factory OEM lead assembly direct from L-3Harris.

The NGAL model is only compatible with Surefire-type tail caps and the L-3Harris NGAL Laser.  It features a proprietary visible laser override.  One button will fire the NGAL in what mode is physically selected on the laser housing.  The other button will fire both the light and the visible laser simultaneously, regardless if the laser is physically set to an IR output.


TAPS SYNC mounts directly to any industry standard rail, including M1913 Picatinny, KEYMOD, and M-LOK.  No third party rail adapters are needed, keeping the weapon lighter and sleeker.  It features two onboard buttons and two accessory leads.  TAPS SYNC comes standard with a Surefire Light lead and MIL-Standard / Crane Lead that fits NATO standard lasers from L3Harris/Insight/EOTech, Steiner, B.E. Meyers, Wilcox and others.  Custom configurations are available for contract (minimums apply).  TAPS SYNC is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes when properly installed on a rail, and features more durable buttons than many competing pressure switches on the market.  Its hardened housing will keep TAPS SYNC standing up to the rigors of the battlefield.

TAPS SYNC also introduces numerous other small improvements and upgrades including a new and improved Crane-style connector which features a more universally accepted stem that more solidly seats in ports from different manufacturers. The outer portion of the connector also features a recess that increases purchase with fingers during removal.

The Surefire connector has also been improved, with an angled plug that pushes the cable back towards the weapon.  This decreases the overall “footprint” of cable/connector on the back of the light, reducing snag hazards. The contacts are now wire versus spring steel, significantly increasing longevity.

The 9” cables provide more flexibility for end-users to place the remote switch in their desired location.

Finally, new hardware interfaces decrease the amount of hardware required for mounting the TAPS and TAPS SYNC to Picatinny rails by removing the threaded sockets previously required for rail-mounted configurations, while the polymer back-plate is now recessed for M-LOK fasteners.

TAPS SYNC is a revolutionary paradigm shift in the way weapon-mounted electronic devices are operated.  No other product puts this level of customization, command, or control in the user’s hands.  It is the most low-profile, most secure, and most durable control station on the market.  Welcome to the Modern Battlefield.

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