Rearden FHD Suppressor Mount 3 Prong Flash Hider - 1/2x28 - Square Shoulder - Nitride

Rearden MFG

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The Rearden FHD Suppressor Mount, 1/2x28 features advanced 17-4 PH H900 construction and is compatible with Atlas, Atlas XL, and Plan B suppressors. This FHD mount features a black Nitride finish, and includes updated larger wrench flats. Weighing 2.17 ounces and measuring 1.723 inches, this FHD mount features a square shoulder and a three-prong design. This suppressor mount serves dual purposes, acting as both a flash hider and a suppressor mount, exemplifying precision engineering for reliable everyday use in various muzzle device applications.


  • 17-4 PH H900 construction
  • Compatible with Atlas, Atlas XL, Plan B
  • Black Nitride finish
  • Shims Not Included
  • Updated version with larger wrench flats
  • Weight: 2.17 oz
  • Length: 1.723”
  • Three-prong design
  • For square shouldered barrels
  • Lightweight and durable