Fighting Rifle A5 Buffer

Overt Industries

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Introducing the Overt Industries Fighting Rifle A5 Buffer 

Specifically developed on the request of the United States Marine Corps, the A5 Buffer System is one the most beneficial upgrades to the AR platform in the last increasing the reliability, accuracy, and performance of AR pattern weapons. For the end user that requires a specially weighted buffer, or wants to fine tune their fighting rifle, Overt Industries offers the A5 buffers in three buffer weight options.

A5H1: 4.64oz

A5H2: 5.50oz

A5H3: 6.34oz

NOTE: A5 buffers are only compatible with other A5 buffer system components. The buffers themselves are longer than traditional carbine buffers, and they cannot be used in standard carbine receiver extensions.


  • Mil-Spec Black Hard Coat Anodized
  • Aluminum Construction 
  • Colored Bumper

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