Keyboard Warrior Range Day Bash - April 2024

Fire 4 Effect Defense

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Top Gun Sportsman's Club

4273 State Highway 47

Prairie Township, MO 63060


Date: Saturday, April 6th

Range Time: 8:30am-4:30pm


Get off the keyboard and meet up with those internet friends for a range day packed with drills, competitions, and camaraderie with the homies from the group. We reserved a private range onsite at Top Gun that we will load with paper targets, steel targets, our Training Vehicle, VTAC boards, and and other obstacles that will be incorporated into various drills prepared by the Fire 4 Effect Defense crew. Part of the registration funds will be put towards legit items that will be given away and given to winners of the comps.


We will have Dustin from Redacted Images capturing badass photos and videos all day (because it didn't happen if you don't have cool guy photos).


Following the Range Day we rented the range’s Lodge for an onsite campout, which includes a full kitchen, full bathroom, and AC. We will bonfire, BBQ, and kick back with some beverages and cigars. Bring your own tent/sleeping equipment, drinks, and food. This is being offered to participants free of charge to kick back after the event and provide a spot to crash for those coming from out of town. 


For any local or industry related businesses that would contribute giveaway items and advertise at the event, email for more details. 


Were capping the event to 30 participants and due to the costs associated with the event, refunds are not offered if you can't make it. You can however transfer your spot, however you are able to give your spot to another individual, just notify us in advance.


Round count is optional, but here is the recommended gear list:

• Rifle

• Handgun 

• 300-500 rifle rounds 

• 150-250 pistol rounds 

• CAT or SOF-T Tourniquet (for Training) 

• Extra pair of durable pants 

• Rain jacket & Weather Appropriate Clothing

• Proper Electronic hearing protection 

• Proper eye protection 

• Extra batteries for all devices 

• Lubricant for firearm 

• 5 rifle magazines

• 4 pistol magazines 

• OWB pistol holster 

• Rifle sling 

• Load carriage equipment to carry 3 rifle magazines and 2 pistol magazines 


• Sunblock 

• Insect repellent 

• Knee pads

• General sports protection equipment

• Gloves

• Water

• Food